“God centered, empowered, globally- competitive, resilient, and Prosperous Surigaonon, living in a peaceful Province with a sustainably- managed resources, and well developed infrastructure system continually inspired by ethical and responsive leadership.”


“To achieve more rapid, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth towards poverty alleviation through good governance”

  • Adequate and quality infrastructure which will make the cost of moving people, goods, & services fast and affordable
  • Adequate and inclusive financing for barangay small & medium enterprises
  • An inclusive Education system that will equip you with knowledge and skills necessary to occupy high, productive employment & a system that gives premium to the province’s rich cultural heritage
  • A well-planned food security system that is focused and responsive to the growing demands of the province and adaptive to climate change and disasters
  • A community based tourism industry that highly considers our rich biodiversity and cultural heritage
  • A healthy society with social protection thru a healthcare system where any person, rich and poor can access the best health services without worrying about money
  • An economy that is frugal in using the province’s limited resources, yet highly capable of empowering barangays thru technology and innovations

Policies and Development Directions

  • Establish a good information database systems
  • Continue capacity development activities
  • Continue our efforts in organizational development
  • Implement better human resource policies as well as undergo austerity measures in the Capitol operations
  • Continue the projects and activities of HEALS Agenda through:
    • connectivity thru roads and bridges
    • better communication and internet services
    • environment protection 
    • risk resiliency
    • stronger convergence
Affordable Health and Wellness Program
Hospital Management Program
Mobile Clinic and Medical Outreach Program
Health Education Program
Health Workers Incentive and Capability Building Building Program.
Free or Affordable Education (Scholarship) Programs for Indigents
Alignment of LGU vision with education vision
“Zero Drop Out” Campaign in basic education
Teachers Rewards/Incentive and Capability Building Program
School Empowerment
Curriculum Development /Integration
Job creation for graduates program
College Education for Daytime Workers Program.

Enforcement of existing Environment Laws
Monitoring/Evaluation of the implementation of environment laws and ordinances
Creation of award-giving bodies to recognize functional and viable environmental projects.
Active involvement of Indigenous People and Peoples Organizations for environmental protection.
Review/Revitalize Local Agri/Aquaculture Programs
Improve Agri/Aquaculture Education
Push Agri-Aqua budget/funding requirements
Conduct Benchmarking Study on new trends in Agri-Aqua and set up pilot sites.
Promote Tourism (“Tourism Means Jobs”)
Provide Livelihood Education/Training
Support/Encourage Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism
Identify and promote other investment priority areas.
Security and Social Welfare
Craft a Provincial Moral Education Program.
Organize a Provincial Council to focus on Values Formation Program.
Organize a quarterly ecumenical dialogue in the community.
Set award-giving bodies on sectors sustaining strong character formation program.
Implement fully the new expanded Senior Citizens Act
Provide specific programs for persons with special needs
Create a Senior Citizens and Persons with Special Needs Office at the Provincial Capitol
Restore / Reactivate the SURIMAA program of the Gov. Lalo Matugas Administration.