Municipality of Mainit


 Mainit, one of the Surigao del Norte’s most progressive towns, nestles at the foot of the northern slopes of Mt. Diwata.  It is noted for its invigorating climate of all sorts which provide income to the town’s fishermen.  Its rich natural resources coupled with the industry of the natives and immigrants account for being a progressive community.

          The rich lure of Mainit points to a group of nomadic people believed to be descendants of the Papuan as its first inhabitants.  They clustered around the lake, in a place traversed by Mainit River, so named because of the sulfuric hot spring called “Mapaso” which is located near the river source.  The Spanish conquistadors found this peaceful community here.  But the constant harassment of the Moros and disciplinaries forced the natives to move another site inland which is the present town site.  The old site referred to as “Daan Lungsud” is now the barrio of San Isidro.

          In the 1920’s when the American came, Mainit became a barrio of the Municipality of Placer.  The election of 1928 resulted in the election of Sr. Ceferino Lozada, an adopted son of Mainit (properly known as “Father of the Town”), as president with three other councilors.  Together they worked and succeeded in emancipating Mainit was born by virtue of Executive Order No. 29.  The first mayor was Antonio Mozar.