Municipality of Bacuag

 Bacuag, a coastal town of 44 kilometers from the Provincial Capital, existed as a municipal corporate body during the Spanish regime.  It became a barrio in 1904 and was placed under the municipality of Gigaquit for administration.  In 1918 it was proclaimed as separate municipality with the late Lucas Patiño as the appointed Municipal President.  It was during his incumbency that the present water system in the town was constructed.

          The town’s population is composed mostly of Boholanos who immigrated to the place.  They depend primarily on agriculture and fishing for their livelihood.

          ​The residents of this municipality during the previous years had experienced an unfavorable economic situation due to the havocs brought by typhoon Louise which severely destructed the coconut plantation and other assorted crops of the municipality.  But with the strong determination of the people it has completely recovered.  Today, lots of community development projects are achieved and still the municipal government has launched a full scale drive in terms of development projects aimed at improving the socio-economic status of the people.