In line with the issuance of the Appropriation Ordinance No. 03, series 2022, the Province of Surigao del Norte conducted a three-day “AIP 2022: Review of Major Final Outputs and Targets” activity held on February 22-24, 2022 at the PPDO Conference Room. On February 22, 2022, the review of the MFOs and targets of the Infrastructure, Economic and Environmental Sectors, and other cross-cutting concerns were undertaken. During the second day on February 23, 2022, the PGSDN revisited the AIP 2022 of the Social Sector, and lastly, on the third day, was the review of the MFOs and targets of the offices under the Development Administration Sector.

According to EnP. Jonathan A. Litang, the Acting Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator of PPDO, “there is a need to revisit the targets of the Annual Investment Plan of the province for 2022 to properly quantify the accomplishments and cascade in our agency’s scorecard. This will also identify points of convergence and partnerships for joint programs and the immediate priorities for rehabilitation and recovery, hence this series of review of MFOs and targets are needed”.

Engr. Marilyn E. Pono stated that “we need to revisit the modes of verifications, corresponding targets, and Results Matrices given by the Caraga Development Council as to amend changes on the reporting entities for the targets to be on a regional scale”.

The three-day activity was attended by the members of the Provincial Engineering Office, Provincial Agriculture Office, Provincial Cooperative Development Office, Provincial Veterinary Office, Provincial Environment & Natural Resources Office, Provincial Tourism Office, Provincial Governor’s Office, Provincial Assessor’s Office, PEEDMO, PDRRMO, Provincial Budget Office, Provincial Employment & Manpower Office, Provincial Health Office, Provincial Center for Women’s Training and Development Center, Del Carmen District Hospital, Gigaquit District Hospital, Mainit Medicare Community Hospital, Pilar Distract Hospital, Siargao District Hospital, Sta. Monica District Hospital, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, Provincial Accounting Office, Provincial Treasurers Office, CSU, and PGSO.

The activity had the presentations of Direction Setting, Result Matrices, Sustainable Development Goals, Devolution Transition Plan, and the discussion on SGLG followed by the presentations of the MFOs and Targets for 2022 of the different offices.

During the activity, a Plaque of Recognition was awarded to the province’s PPMIU for governing two consecutive “Good” ratings from the Result of the Operation and Maintenance Audit Team (ROMAT) for the completed three subprojects of the Department of Agriculture – Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP).